• 22nd June 2010 - By admin

    On April 24, 2009, Rachel opened for Hillsong London during their US Tour in Des Moines, IA. It was a great night.

    After her set the audience ┬áhad given Rachel a standing ovation. The funny thing is, this was one of the first concerts where we were trying to get Rachel use to using in ear monitors. If you have ever used in ears, they can be very limiting on what you hear in the room. Usually audio engineers will set up room mics to help the artist hear the crowd, but in our situation we did not have time to do that. So when she was done, she said thank you to everyone, and turned around and walked off stage not realizing that the crowd had responded to her the way they did. She could not hear them. My bad! Doh! LOL…. Greg

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    • Celeste Ditter on July 5, 2010

      Wish this video showed more from that concert!!!! Wow, what an amazing night. I would have loved to have been there. Be blessed, Greg and Rachel!

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