• 16th July 2010 - By admin

    Rachel Scott was live in concert at St. Charles Coffeehouse in St. Charles, MO a subburb of St. Louis. This was perhaps the most creative event we have been apart of as it pertains to partnering with the local church. Grace Community Church, locally, teamed up all of their small groups and not only created an evening of worship and music for each of their small groups but also this acted as an outreach to their community. Small group members made  point to invite one neighbor to the event.

    The evening consisted of worship and personal songs from Rachel, along with stories, coffee breaks, fellowship, laughing, and live video streaming! That’s right, each person there, was given the opportunity to dialogue with their friends and family via the live video stream and chatting that was going on on the side bar next to the live video. It was, was creative, artsy, and just plain fun. But most of all God was worshipped. It was truly an experience! Wanna do this with your church? Let us know!

    Greg Scot

    Rachel Scott Music

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